Where It All Began

Vidanta Mazatlán will forever hold the fondest memories for us — this is where we first started building a legacy of happiness with vacation experiences that bring families together to enjoy the majesty of the Mexican coast. Vidanta Mazatlán is home to two cozy resort hotels where you can enjoy beautiful pools and beaches, a world of activities to keep the family smiling all day, and the warmth of the sun and the warmth of the people of Mazatlán.

Destination Highlights

  • 2 resort hotels
  • Gorgeous beach
  • 5 wonderful bars & restaurants
  • 4 pristine pools
  • Where to Stay at Vidanta Mazatlán

    Things to Do at Vidanta Mazatlán

    A dazzling show, fun classes and theme nights, delicious restaurants — however you prefer to spend your time while on vacation, there’s always a new activity to try or event to attend at Vidanta Mazatlán.