Our Green Philosophy

Vidanta is dedicated to maintaining and preserving our natural environment. The Vidanta resorts are born out of the lush natural beauty of Mexico, and we consider it our responsibility and privilege to conserve that beauty for future generations. Since the company’s inception, we’ve incorporated eco-conscious practices into all aspects of how we operate.

In 2004, we further cemented our commitment to environmental protection by bringing in a third party to objectively audit our performance on a comprehensive list of green procedures and practices. EarthCheck is a not-for-profit organization and the world’s leading agency in environmental management for travel and hospitality. Working under their guidelines, we’ve implemented rigorous conservation initiatives across all our destinations and have set strict success metrics.

We are honored that this dedication has resulted in EarthCheck Gold Certification—the highest level awarded, reserved for those companies that meet the most stringent of standards—for eleven consecutive years.

The following is a summary of some of the existing resort environmental procedures currently in place: