Our Commitment to Community

At Vidanta, we are committed to the communities and individuals who have made all we’ve accomplished over the last 42 years possible. This dedication to promoting a high quality of life for our employees and the people living in the areas surrounding our resorts is ingrained in our company mission and built into all aspects of our operation policies. We’ve also translated this pledge to the community into strict green guidelines to ensure we protect the environment, as well.

Schools & Foundations


The Vidanta Foundation promotes humanitarian efforts to reduce poverty and inequality throughout Latin American. Founded in 2005 by Vidanta Founder Daniel Chávez Morán, the organization awards grants and recognition to individuals and non-profits that champion a diverse variety of causes—from healthcare to education to equal rights—through innovative efforts and programs.


This non-profit foundation is dedicated to nurturing children from low-income areas in the state of Nayarit. It offers educational services—including a daily curriculum that covers academics, athletics, drama, and arts—as well as medical services and access to nutritional meals. The construction, operations, staffing, and support are funded, in their entirety, by Grupo Vidanta.

Protecting the Environment

Giving back to the world

Vidanta’s green philosophy is reflected in all of the resorts’ day-to-day operations, as well as in the development and construction of all resort facilities and attractions. Throughout our resorts, we use efficient technologies, have instituted extensive recycling and composting programs, and use environmentally conscious vehicles for almost all on-resort transportation. We are proud of our comprehensive dedication to ecological protection and honored to have this dedication recognized with the EarthCheck Gold Certification.

Our People

Investing in Our Employees

The only way to ensure our members’ happiness is to start with our employees’ happiness—all 15,000 of them. We make our team’s health, safety, and professional growth our priority, and have built our internal operations around that commitment through our facilities, programs, and policies. As a result of these efforts, we’ve been named #6 on the 2016 list of the Great Places to Work® in Mexico.

We Are Proud to Offer Our Employees:

  • Vidanta Contigo — a scholarship program for employees’ children that covers the cost of enrollment, uniforms, supplies, transportation, and activities
  • Transportation to and from the resort
  • Healthcare by physicians at the Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallarta destinations
  • Heavily discounted meals from an employee-exclusive cafeteria
  • Access to skill growth and structured opportunities for career training
  • Financial education and counseling services, if needed
  • The use of a fully equipped fitness center with instructor-led training classes