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With spectacular views of the Bay of Banderas and the Sierra Madre mountains, endless options for dining, activities, and entertainment — and the fact that Puerto Vallarta has been called the “Most Romantic Place in Mexico,” it’s easy to see why Vidanta Puerto Vallarta is a top wedding destination.

The suites at Puerto Vallarta make perfect honeymoon escapes. We’ll pamper you with special gifts and treatments to help create a vacation of dreamy romance and love.

Our certified wedding planners are ready to help you make your wedding dreams come true.

Start planning your perfect day

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Walk down the aisle at Vidanta Puerto Vallarta's beachside setting

Enjoy a beautiful reception at the beach at Vidanta Puerto Vallarta

Table settings can be personalized to your needs at Vidanta Puerto Vallarta

A picturesque sunset wedding at Vidanta Puerto Vallarta

Guests can unwind on luxurious beach furniture at Vidanta Puerto Vallarta

An aerial view of a wedding set at Vidanta Puerto Vallarta

Reception furniture for a beach wedding at Vidanta Puerto Vallarta

Wedding Features


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Your most precious moment

This is the moment you’ve waited for, when you become one and begin your life together. We can help you select a ceremony that’s right for this precious moment.


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Celebrating your marriage

After your marriage is official, it’s time to celebrate with your guests. The expert staff at Vidanta Weddings can plan and create a magical event in beautiful settings around the resort.


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Love is in the details.

When you choose Vidanta Weddings, you will have the time to enjoy the special moments without worry. We take care of everything so that no detail goes unplanned.

Start planning your perfect day

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