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Convocatoria para la Ix Edición del Premio Fundación Vidanta

Call for Entries for the Ix Edition of the Vidanta Foundation Award

27 / Jun / 2018

Mexico City, June 27th, 2018.- The Vidanta Foundation - a non-profit organization that promotes social sciences and culture in Latin America - with the collaboration of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), calls for the submission of entries for the IX edition of the Vidanta Foundation Award: "Contributions to the reduction of poverty and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean".

The deadline for the reception of candidacies will be next July 31st and all non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private assistance institutions, foundations, Afro-descendant and indigenous groups, civil associations and non-profit organizations that carry out their work in Latin America or the Caribbean may participate.

andidates will be evaluated according to the work, considering the criteria published in the Vidanta Foundation Award guidelines innovationor implementation easurable results impact, the ability to continue over time replicat, environmental sustainability.

The prizes, bythe Vidanta Foundation:

  • First prize: USD 100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars)
  • Second prize: USD 75,000 (seventy-five thousand dollars)
  • Third prize: USD 50,000 (fifty thousand dollars)
  • One of the three awards will be assigned to at least one Mexican civil association

In the eight successful editions of the Award, hundreds of candidates were evaluated and more than 1.75 million dollars were invested to reward 26 projects in several countries of the region. The Mexican organizations that were awarded in previous editions are: Cinco Panes y Dos Peces A.C., Desarrollo Autogestionario A.C., Dignidad y Justicia en el Camino A.C., IDEAS Información y Diseños Educativos para Acciones Saludables, IXIM A.C., Joven es Yucatán y Unidos por la Montaña A.C.

The jury of the award will be chaired by the former president of Uruguay, Julio María Sanguinetti and will be composed by the following personalities: Rolando Cordera, Guadalupe González, Nora Lustig and José Luis Machinea. The jury will issue its ruling on September 7th, 2018 and the awards will be granted on October 15th of this year in Mexico City.

"The Vidanta Foundation Award has positioned itself as the most important in Latin America and the Caribbean in recognizing and supporting the work of civil society associations that every day make extraordinary efforts in both regions with the noble purpose of reducing poverty, inequality and combating discrimination, "said Dr. Roberto Russell, President of the Vidanta Foundation.

The Vidanta Foundation Award was created in 2009 and aims to recognize and support outstanding and original works carried out in Latin America and the Caribbean to reduce poverty, inequality and combat discriminationSome of the organizations that have obtained this prestigious award include:

  • First place in 2017: Cinco Panes y Dos Peces A.C

  • Third place in 2016: Joven es Yucatán.

In 2004, the Youth Foundation of Yucatán began the ecological-environmental and economic-cultural project called "Mayan Designs of Yucatan" with the objective of making sustainable use of the fruits of native trees in danger of extinction. It empowers people in terms of the use that can be given to these fruit through craft workshops and crafts with jícaras, lek and gourds to take advantage of the fruits of these trees. To date it has directly benefited more than 3,000 people and indirectly 8,850 people in Mayan communities 14 groups of artisans have been formed who sell handicrafts and planted more than 3,500 trees.

  • First place in 2015: Asociación Civil Tiflonexos, Argentina

The Tiflonexos Civil Association, through its Tiflolibros program, has formed the first digital library for the Spanish-speaking blind. 7,500 people 300 institutions that work have direct access to this library that has more than 50,000 books. The experience of Tiflolibros led to the approval of the Argentine Congress in 2007 by Law 26285, which established exceptions to copyright to favor the production of accessible books.

For more information on the IX edition of the Vidanta Foundation Prize, please visit

La Asociación Civil Tiflonexos, mediante su programa Tiflolibros ha formado la primera biblioteca digital para ciegos de habla hispana. Así, 7,500 personas ciegas o con baja visión y más de 300 instituciones que trabajan con personas con discapacidad visual acceden de forma directa a esta biblioteca que cuenta con más de 50,000 libros. La experiencia de Tiflolibros llevó a que en 2007 el Congreso Argentino aprobara la ley 26285, que estableció excepciones al derecho de autor para favorecer la producción de libros accesibles.

Para más información sobre la IX edición del Premio Fundación Vidanta, por favor visite