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Cirque Du Soleil JOYÀ Inicia Su Quinta Temporada

Cirque Du Soleil JOYÀ Kicks off Its Fifth Season with a Daring New Act

12 / Sep / 2018

Mexico City, September 12, 2018 - The first Cirque du Soleil resident show in Mexico and the only one in the world to include a culinary experience, JOYÀ has achieved both critical acclaim and commercial success, captivating more than 700,000 spectators since its premiere in 2014. Vidanta Riviera Maya will celebrate the start of the fifth season of Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ on September 18 in the award-winning Cirque du Soleil Theater. In honor of the milestone, JOYÀ will introduce a one-of-a-kind flying trapeze act.

Este acto de trapecio se presentará durante la quinta temporada, como un nuevo y exclusivo número de Vidanta Riviera Maya. Será interpretado por la artista Darya Vintilova, una experta de Cirque du Soleil que cuenta con importantes premios en todo el mundo. El acto añade un elemento emocionante y vanguardista al espectáculo, incorporando versátiles estructuras automatizadas en el diseño de la plataforma, lo que permite al artista moverse rápidamente en múltiples direcciones.

This trapeze act will come to life this season as a new and exclusive number to Vidanta Riviera Maya. It will be performed by artist Darya Vintilova, a Cirque du Soleil veteran who holds notable awards around the world. The act adds a thrilling, state-of-the-art element to the show by incorporating versatile automated structures into the design of the rigging, allowing the artist to swiftly move in multiple directions.

Always looking to offer new experiences for returning guests, Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ regularly refreshes specific elements of the show including costumes and music, in addition to other one-of-a-kind surprises.

“As JOYÀ evolves and grows, so do we. We continue to challenge ourselves to create the best in live entertainment. For the fifth season of JOYÀ, we are thrilled to offer a unique trapeze act that once again pushes the creative and technological boundaries, leveraging the purpose-built venue and our highly skilled technicians to produce a trapeze act that will explore both the horizontal and vertical spaces,” said Joël Bergeron – Director, Artistic Quality at Cirque du Soleil’s Events and Special Projects Division.

Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ has positioned itself as one of the top must-see attractions in Mexico, whose unique multisensory experience hosts up to 650 spectators per show.