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Daniel Chávez Morán

Daniel Chávez Morán Named Member of the Business Advisory Council in Support of Mexico’s Development

16 / Nov / 2018

Mexico City, November 16, 2018.- Yesterday, November 15, the President-elect of Mexico announced he was forming a Business Advisory Council at the request of that sector in order to advise the new administration regarding the country’s social and economic development. Among those esteemed business leaders named as part of this council is Daniel Chávez Morán, founder of Grupo Vidanta, who will bring his considerable experience, commercial vision and leadership skills to the opportunity.

"I appreciate the enormous honor of the President-elect choosing to include me as a member of the Business Advisory Council. I accept it with great pleasure and commit myself to serve with the greatest possible prudence and dogged perseverance. I am sure that the fourth transformation will give our beloved Mexico the security and dynamism it requires to recover growth, " said Daniel Chávez Morán.

Since 1974, Eng. Daniel Chávez Morán has redefined the tourism and hospitality industry in Mexico by founding and presiding over Grupo Vidanta, the leading developer of world-class luxury hotels, real estate and tourism infrastructure in Mexico and Latin America. His trailblazing commitment to corporate social responsibility and his dedication to economic and social development in Mexico and Latin America has earned him a place in CNN’s list of the most important entrepreneurs in the country, as well as the title of Entrepreneur of the Year, as conferred by the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CONCANACO Servytur in Spanish).