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Earthcheck Master Status

Vidanta Riviera Maya Receives “Master Status,” the Highest Certification Level Granted by Earthcheck

05 / Dec / 2019

Mexico City, December 5th, 2019 - Vidanta Riviera Maya, one of the Vidanta Resorts, has been named as the first resort destination in Mexico to receive EarthCheck Master Certification, which has been granted to only 21 companies around the world.

EarthCheck—the world’s leading authority in environmental consulting, scientific benchmarking, and sustainability certification for the travel and tourism industry—awarded Vidanta Riviera Maya with the “Master Status” for 15 years of continuous environmental leadership and successfully meeting criteria in energy conservation programs, appropriate procedures for water and waste management, the reduction of greenhouse gases in hotels and golf courses, and the active promotion of sustainability.

In addition to operating a waste water treatment plant for irrigating resort grounds and golf courses, many other sustainability measures have been put into place at Vidanta Riviera Maya, such as: installing high-performance laundry equipment, which has resulted in saving 90% of total energy use compared to traditional equipment; employing biodegradable solutions for 90% of all cleaning products used; installing solar panels to source clean, renewable energy; implementing heat pumps that optimize and minimize the consumption of LPG (liquid petroleum gas); and changing all showerheads and faucets to water-saving models, therefore helping to reduce water waste by 90%.

Vidanta Riviera Maya also restored more than 94 acres of native vegetation and more than 600m2 of beach dunes in the region. In 2018 alone, 16,604 native plant species were grown in an on-site nursery using compost that was manually sorted from the resort’s waste. Vidanta Riviera Maya also features a sea turtle sanctuary in which 10,382 sea turtle hatchlings have been released so far in 2019, under careful observation from a team of biologists.

Additionally, as part of Grupo Vidanta’s sustainability program, they have implemented an urban solid waste management program, which allows for the recovery and recycling of inorganic waste, such as: PET, cardboard, cans, metal scraps, various plastics, cooking oil, andelectronics, among others. It also allows for organic waste, such as fruits and vegetables, to be composted. In 2018, more than 830 tons of waste were recycled, reused, or composted.

Finally, as part of their mission to increase environmental awareness, Grupo Vidanta holds trainings, talks, and workshops for business partners, guests, and employees to participate in. They also encourage staff to implement sustainable procedures in order to save energy throughout their daily activities, such as: relying on natural light as much as possible, switching off the lights after leaving a room, and maintaining an average temperature within buildings in order to reduce the need for air conditioning.

The results and impact of these sustainability measures over the years have been a testament to Grupo Vidanta’s significant role as a leading developer of sustainable resort destinations.

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