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el Restaurante Epazote en Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

el Restaurante Epazote en Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, Anfitrión de Alta Gastronomía del Noreste de México

21 / Apr / 2017

Mexico City, April 21st, 2017 - Vidanta Resorts, a collection of elite resort destinations and innovative vacation experiences located on Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, invites the general public to enjoy a formidable and unique culinary experience for a limited time at Epazote Restaurant in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, side by side with the distinguished Rodrigo, Patricio, and Daniel Rivera-Rio, chefs and founders of the famous restaurant Koli in northeast Mexico.

All courses created at Koli have stories that represent a personal expression and reflect the creativity of the Rivera-Rio brothers. Their project of rescuing unpublished recipes from the northeast region of Mexico makes Epazote–awarded Four Diamonds by The American Automobile Association for its 7th consecutive year–the ideal stage for these brothers to present their exquisite menu, full of original ingredients and culinary traditions.

In their constant quest to restore Mexico’s northeastern cuisine, the Rivera-Rio brothers fuse the efforts of their restaurant Koli, located in the city of Monterrey, together with the extraordinary culinary proposal that Epazote brings to Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. This expansive culinary experience will be available to a limited forum of 60 diners per night on three different schedules (6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 pm).

Visitors will have the opportunity to savor a ten course dinner, at an inpidual cost of $1,200 MXN pesos, that includes classics of the region like “machitos”, “carne seca” (dry meat), or “encacahuatado de conejo” (rabbit in peanut sauce), among others. Customers may also opt for the wine pairing specially chosen by our guest Sommelier, Patricio Rivera-Rio, which will elevate the experience to its full potential at an inpidual cost of $1,900 MXN pesos.

Always looking to offer the best culinary experiences on a local and national level, Grupo Vidanta will continue carrying on important gastronomical collaborations that allow Mexico to position itself as a world-class destination.

For more information or to reserve a place at this northeastern haute cuisine experience, contact your resort’s Concierge, Call Center A and Bor call Epazote Restaurant directly.