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Grupo Vidanta Introduces ‘Vidanta Extraordinary Standards’, Its New Comprehensive Health & Safety System for all of its Resorts

05 / Jun / 2020

Mexico City, MX – June, 5 2020 – As a leading resort and tourism developer in Mexico and Latin America, Grupo Vidanta—which proudly offers sprawling destinations with some of the most square footage per person of any resort in Mexico, and even in the world—has established a new comprehensive system of safety and health precautions called Vidanta Extraordinary Standards. Overseen by the new dedicated Safety & Sanitization Department, this system is designed to supplement Vidanta’s already rigorous cleaning and safety procedures in order to ensure the well-being of its guests without compromising their vacation experience. And because every Vidanta Resort has considerable open space and a huge variety of open-air dining, activities, and event offerings, guests can rest assured their stay will be a safe and comfortable one.

Grupo Vidanta’s new Safety & Sanitization Department is in charge of managing the implementation, supervision, and compliance of all the new protocols created in close collaboration with national and international health authorities, ensuring that they are carried out with strict consistency at each of their resorts.

These procedures start with Grupo Vidanta’s team of employees, who completely sanitize upon arriving at work each day. All employees are equipped with face masks, carry hand sanitizer, are required to wash their hands at least once every 30 minutes, and respect social distancing measures at all times.

At the resorts, hospital-grade sanitizers are used to clean all high-contact surfaces at minimum of every 30 minutes. These surfaces include railings, telephones, door handles, pens, counters, tables, armchairs, chairs, bathrooms, and more. All internal transportation vehicles are completely disinfected between each trip, air conditioning systems are sanitized on an ongoing basis, and automatic doors and automated hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the resort.

As part of the Vidanta Extraordinary Standards program, all guest luggage is sanitized upon arrival, and new heightened housekeeping measures have been implemented. All housekeeping staff use gloves and focus their attention on rigorously cleaning beds, furniture, televisions, remote controls, mirrors, kitchenettes, bars, bathrooms, light switches, showers, tubs, floors, and hair dryers, to name just a few. Additionally, all housekeeping carts are disinfected before and after each shift and all linens are changed daily.

Overnight, all public spaces—including lobbies, shops, restaurants, and spas—are fogged with hospital-grade sanitization sprayers. Capacity has been reduced in all indoor public spaces, as well as resort transportation, beach clubs, pool areas, and elevators, to allow for compliance with social distancing measures. All Vidanta Resorts also are proud to offer abundant open space designed to seamlessly integrate with nature. Because of this, Grupo Vidanta is proud to offer some of the most square footage per guest of any resort in Mexico, and even the world.

Additional measures have been implemented at all resort restaurants to ensure complete safety when receiving, storing, preparing, and serving food. All kitchen staff strictly adhere to the Cristal Food Management Standards and are audited regularly to ensure compliance. Digital menus are now available through QR technology or using the Vidanta Resorts App. All restaurant tables are completely disinfected between guests, and take-away service is now available at every resort restaurant.

Finally, a no-cash policy has been implemented throughout all resorts so that all payments can be made easily at check out to avoid using cash or credit cards throughout the stay.

“We put out heart into every vacation, that’s why we place our hand over our heart in the Saludo Vidanta when we greet you, to let you know that we are committed to giving you the best possible care, because we are here for your happiness now and always” Said Norma Suárez, Director of Hotel Operations at Grupo Vidanta.

Guided by its mission to inspire generations of happiness, Grupo Vidanta is proud to lead the way in safety and health precautions with the Vidanta Extraordinary Standards program. For more information about this initiative, please visit