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The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation Finishes Summer Courses with Great Success and Prepares to Start 2019-2020 School Cycle

12 / Aug / 2019

Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, August 12, 2019 – The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation continues their invaluable work for the development and education of children belonging to the Nayarit communities, providing students with the tools and skills they need to discover their potential and improve their quality of life.

To celebrate their sixth anniversary, the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation successfully completed their summer courses where, in the mornings, close to 80 children had the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities like football, taekwondo, dance, music, and crafts. From July 15th to August 2nd, 2019, the participants also were provided with nutritious meals, medical services and insurance, transportation, and all materials necessary for their courses.

A new school year with new opportunities

As a result of its ambition to make Mexico an internationally-recognized standard and to establish itself as a first-world company, thereby reaffirming a commitment to local communities, Grupo Vidanta created The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation in 1988. It was founded as part of a social responsibility program, in order to positively contribute to the education and development of children with scarce resources and provide them with a better and brighter future.

That’s why, along with summer courses, children belonging to communities near Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta are also given a regular school year with extracurricular educational, artistic, and sport activities, all shaped using a syllabus that instills high civic and humanitarian values.

The school year, which begins August 12th, continues evening classes of English, math, reading, and computer science, among others, all of which complement the academic development of the students.

Both the summer courses and the school cycles are intended to support underprivileged children, so aspiring students are required to go through a two-step process, in order for the foundation to only select those who are truly in need.

The first step is a socioeconomic study, carried out by professionals of that field; and, as a second step, the foundation itself concludes admission with the support of specialists in the areas of psychology, nutrition, and medicine.

Currently, the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation is supported by the contributions of Grupo Vidanta’s guest and customer donations, who can also visit the facilities and learn about the foundation’s incredible humanitarian work.

The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation has offered services and programs to approximately 800 students (both male and female) directly, but has indirectly benefited around 2,500 people, including relatives, and continues on with its commitment to create an environment in which students have the support needed in order to reach their true potential, and to create for them a future in which they have equal opportunities.