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Grupo Vidanta Compiles Proposals Generated by Foro Vidanta, Outlining New Tourism Policies That Promote Social Development Throughout the Country

22 / Oct / 2018

Mexico City, October 22, 2018.- The Vidanta Foundation – a non-profit organization that promotes the strengthening of democratic values and the economic and social development of Latin America – released the book Tourism and Social Development: Reasons for a New National Tourism Policy, a compilation of the top proposals that emerged from the Foro Vidanta – a series of dialogues and workshops about tourism in Mexico featuring top thought leaders and international figures held last May at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.

The book release was hosted at the UNIVERSUM Museum and included the publication’s writers, Francisco Madrid Flores from the Anáhuac University of Mexico and José Ignacio Casar from the PUED-UNAM, as well as collaborators Carlos Alba Vega and Guadalupe González González from El Colegio de México, Jorge A. Schiavon from CIDE and Dr. Robert Russell, President of the Vidanta Foundation. The book was introduced by the founder of Grupo Vidanta, Ing. Daniel Chávez Morán, who discussed how crucial it is to persify tourism educational programs in Mexico in order to encourage the emergence of new leaders who will bring a fresh and creative ingenuity in order to evolve the industry in a socially responsible way.

Also in attendance was Miguel Torruco Marqués, the future Secretary of Tourism. While at the event, he commented that the future of the country must be tackled with a more inclusive, equitable and fair view. "We frequently highlight the most positive aspects of Mexico’s tourism such as our ranking as sixth in the world for attracting visitors, that we bring in almost 40 million tourists, that our revenue from tourism is more than 21 billion dollars, the more than 9 million in direct and indirect jobs created by the industry or its contribution of 8.7% to the national GDP,” he said. “But many times we ignore the social value that tourist activity can or should have so that the benefits are extended to all Mexicans, especially those parts of the population that are frequently marginalized by development.”

The book Tourism and Social Development: Reasons for a New National Tourism Policy aims to help Mexico’s new administration enact policy that would encourage profound change for the country’s population, including a better quality of life. The book is pided into four main sections regarding tourism and social development: “Where we are,” “Where the world is heading,” “How to enact new policy” and “How to achieve these goals.”

While speaking at the event, Daniel Chávez Morán took the opportunity to highlight some actions he considers important to encourage the development of tourism in Mexico in the short term. "It is essential to improve our tourism offerings so we can compete with the world. But we cannot just look inwards, we have to look out. We have work to make Mexico a better country, safer, with less inequality and better protection for its beautiful landscapes. That's why we created Foro Vidanta, to establish parameters that help our country invest in a sustainable industry," he said.

He also spoke about such critical tourism projects as the Mayan Train and the new airport in Mexico City. "Fortunately, several new tourism projects are already being worked on. The Mayan zone is one of the most important archaeological regions in the entire planet. If we allow easy access to all 1,500 kilometers of that region, I assure you that we will see a difference in our tourism. People from all over the planet will come and people with resources will come… I assure you, after a decade of operation the Mayan Train will double the national tourism revenue, "said Chávez Morán. Regarding the airport he noted, “We are Mexicans first and foremost and we have to do the right thing for everyone. I am very proud of how the issue has been addressed so that the Mexico City airport situation is solved, and solved in the right way.”

The Vidanta Foundation maintains a strong commitment to taking concrete actions in order to promote tourism development that benefits the entire country. The organization will continue to push innovative initiatives and establish relationships with key partners to achieve it. Tourism and Social Development: Reasons for a New National Tourism Policy consolidates a variety of initiatives into a new tourism policy emphasizing the importance of the understanding tourism development from all angles and working to resolve social issues, poverty, marginalization and inequality in the process.

"We invite the next administration to join us and promote a creative problem-solving that benefits the country and ensures the sustainability of the tourism sector and the sustainability of our industry for generations,” concludes Ing. Daniel Chávez Morán.

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