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The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation

The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation Has Finished Another Successful Summer Season and Prepares to Start the New School Year 2018-2019

06 / Aug / 2018

Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, August 6th, 2018. The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation continues to make significant progress in the development and learning of children in Nayarit communities, providing them with tools and skills to discover their potential, improving their quality of life

In the framework of its fifth anniversary, the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation successfully completed a summer course in which 80 children had the opportunity to enjoy various morning leisure activities such as football, taekwondo, dance, music and crafts. From July 18th to August 3rd, the participants also had access to regular meals, medical services, transportation, medical insurance and all the necessary equipment to carry out the activities established during the course

A new cycle, new opportunities

Because of its enthusiasm for making Mexico an international benchmark and establishing itself as a first-class company reaffirming its commitment to the communities, Grupo Vidanta created the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation in 1988 as part of its social responsibility program to contribute to childhood preparation and development to ensure that they have a better future.

That’s why, together with the summer courses, the children of these communities surrounding Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta have a regular school year with educational, creative, and athletic activities, thus giving shape to an extracurricular agenda that merits high civic and humanitarian values

The school year, beginning on August 6th, will continue with the format of evening activities including English classes, mathematics, reading and computer sciences, among others. Both the summer courses and the school cycles are mainly aimed at supporting underprivileged children. The participants are determined through a process of selection through two filters to determine those who present a higher degree of need

The first filter is done through a socio-economic study performed by private companies. Social workers then endorse the child along with letters from parents, and then the data goes through the second filter done by the Foundation itself. With the support of specialists in the areas of psychology, nutrition, and medicine the Foundation then makes its decision.

Currently, the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation is supported by the contributions of Grupo Vidanta and donations from guests and clients from its resorts, who can also visit the foundation’s facilities and learn about its incredible work.

The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation has offered services and programs to more than 600 girls and boys, benefiting around 1,000 families. It continues to create environments where children have the necessary support to reach their potential and prepare them for a future where they have equal opportunities.

La Fundación Delia Morán Vidanta, que ha ofrecido servicios y programas a más de 600 niñas y niños y alrededor de 1,000 familias, continúa con su compromiso de crear un ambiente en el que niñas y niños cuenten con el apoyo necesario para alcanzar su verdadero potencial y prepararlos para un futuro en el que cuenten con igualdad de oportunidades.